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Burnett Cafe'

Students are encouraged to participate in the school nutrition program. Nutritionally balanced breakfasts and lunches are available to all students. A registered dietitian plans menus. Both breakfast and lunches are served daily.

Cost for meals are as follows:


Breakfast Lunch
Regular student price $1.25 $2.10
Reduced student price $0.30 $0.40
Adult price--School Staff $1.65 $3.25
Guest $1.65 $3.50
 Optional prices:    
 Extra milk  $0.60  
 Extra juice  $0.60  
 Extra entree  $1.25  
 Extra breakfast entree  $0.40  

*Prices are subject to change.

For your convenience, we offer an on-line meal payment system,


School Menu

Students are encouraged to pay in advance for meals. The school cafeteria manager can provide information about student account balances. The cafeteria phone number is: 770-651-3515.

No student can accumulate more than $6.00 in charges. Once that amount has been reached, students who are unable to pay will be offered a sandwich and beverage. This regulation is to ensure that no child will go hungry and potential losses of school food services funds will be limited.

Each school food service manager and principal will be responsible for seeing the charge policy is enforced. A computer-generated student charge list will help managers identify students over the charge list. This list will be sent to homeroom teachers daily.  Students who are over the $5.00 limit and are without a lunch or money will be offered an alternate meal, consisting of a peanut butter or cheese sandwich and a beverage.

ParentOnline  is a secure, online system that allows parents to make cafeteria meal payments to their child(ren)'s cafeteria accounts via credit or debit card.  Parents can remotely monitor their child(ren)'s accounts anytime from any Internet-enabled computer. 

  •   Remotely monitor your child(ren)'s cafeteria account balance and purchases.
  •   Make a one-time online payment anytime, anywhere.
  •   Set up hassle-free automatic payments for each child.
  •   Set up low balance e-mail message alerts